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10 Dec 12 at 1 am

actually hilarious.

21 jump street: 8/10

why tim burton?

planet of the apes: 4/10

i don’t even remember really.

my soul to take: 4/10

had potential but no.

pandorum: 2.5/10

awesome concept.

the caller: 6.5/10

anti-climatic ending.

chronicle: 5/10


project x: 1/10

way too long.

sherlock holmes a game of shadows: 4.5/10

just as bad as the first.

piranha 3dd: 2/10


shark night: 2/10


alien: 7.5/10

fuck yes.

aliens: 8/10


alien 3: 4/10

fuck no.

alien resurrection: 3.5/10


prometheus: 7/10


snow white and the huntsman: 3/10


darkness falls: 3.5/10

plants are the bad guys.

the ruins: 2/10

yay! bye.

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14 Jun 12 at 4 am

the green soccer journal x euro 2012.

16 May 12 at 3 am

sometimes i wish i lived in los angeles so i could go to events like these. also, i’d love to write for that blog. [ http://theoriginalwinger.com/2012-05-15-nike-x-bumpy-pitch-return-to-the-montalban-makeitcount ]

14 May 12 at 3 am
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the concept of the innkeepers is what initially persuaded me in watching the film but the final product just didn’t cut it for me. personally, there wasn’t really anything exciting about it. the movie has some decent thrills but not until a solid portion of the film is nearly over.

we need to talk about kevin was slow but interesting. it’s one of those movies where you have to know how it ends and it wasn’t half bad. i’d consider it more of a drama than a thriller but the actor portraying kevin does an excellent job. apparently, certain aspects in the book were excluded from the film and that would have been nice to know or see but other than that, i’d watch it again.

i’m not sure why we were trying to hard to watch splice. i didn’t like it too much but i think that’s mostly because i was expecting something else from the film. i guess the idea is new and that’s always nice to have. other than that though, i’m not sure what else to say really. it’s somewhat slow paced for my taste.

the avengers was awesome. it had some good laughs and some even better action. if i had to play the devil’s advocate, i’d say the only downfall of the film is that you’d probably have to watch the previous marvel movies that led up to the avengers or at least know a little about the marvel universe to fully understand what was going on. also, the avengers fighting as a team should been happening throughout the whole film and not just the later half but i guess you have to build up the plot for the grand finale. other than those two very minor things though, the film was excellent. i’m somewhat bummed to find out that there was actually another ending (total of two) after the credits rolled though. i guess i’ll have to watch it again in theaters!

i didn’t expect tucker & dale vs evil to be funny but to be honest, it had me laughing. dubbed as a horror comedy, tucker and dale actually worked really well together as the protagonists and certain lines of the film were just outright funny. it’s not the most hilarious thing i’ve seen but as far as horror comedies go, this one’s not bad.

the innkeepers: 4/10

we need to talk about kevin: 6.5/10

splice: 4/10

the avengers: 8.5/10

tucker & dale vs evil: 6/10

13 May 12 at 5 pm

steven johnsrude on first world problems.

"today i laughed so hard my face hurt. i eat well but i can’t gain weight (referring to me)."

01 May 12 at 4 am
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rammbock berlin undead isn’t as bad as you’d think. it’s not good either but like most zombie movies, you can’t really go horribly wrong. the main character is an asshole, in the sense that we’re thinking who cares if he gets mauled but other than that, the movie is okay. well, maybe a little less than that.

i went to the theater with hopes that friends with kids was going to be just as funny as bridesmaids. do not do this. it’ll ruin the movie for you, not that the movie is bad but it’s surprisingly serious and somewhat depressing. there are some pretty good laughs though and chris o’dowd really nails it.

shit, i probably should have written these reviews earlier because i can barely remember what happens in most of the films. shivers. the movie had some chilling parts but the build up to them take forever. in the end, it’s not really worth it (like many horror movies) but more so because you’re left feeling like the writers quickly scrapped something up to fill in the rest.

dark hours is what i’d imagine the movie funny games to be like. in comparison to the films produced today, this torture film is a little on the lighter side. there’s really not much else to say about it. i wouldn’t recommend it.

seriously, what was the point of 5ive girls? this has to be one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. whoever created this piece of junk relied too heavily on the appearance of the female protagonists rather than focusing on making a movie (kind of like how michael bay had megan fox transform your penis rather than optimus prime transform into a truck) and that sums up everything about this film. oh, and ron perlman is in this film for some reason.

the collector was disturbingly interesting. the plot for the film hasn’t been done too much and the intensity builds throughout the film very nicely. it’s not the best piece of work, but it’s something i’d actually watch again. well, maybe. it’s pretty gruesome at parts.

an american boring. the end.

and battle royale hits the states! just kidding, stone cold steve austin actually featured in a similar movie that was based on BR. i heard that movie sucked. this movie didn’t. jennifer lawrence does well to keep you rooting for her although the actual games take forever to start. i’d say the only real downfall of this film is the length. other than that though, good performances all around. except from lenny kravitz. stick to whatever it is that you do.

the girl next door is surprisingly interesting but only to the extent that you’d want to know how the movie ends. and it doesn’t end well. for you.

why do we watch all these crappy movies? the signal. everyone in this film is retarded and watching it will make you retarded as well.

emily browning finally looks okay in one of her films. too bad the film is sleeping beauty. “i could see it inspiring interesting discussions afterward, but there is the matter of having to sit through it first,” put nicely by a critic on rotten tomatoes.

at first i didn’t know how to feel about the cabin in the woods. i’d find things to complain about like oh, what a cop out ending. then i realized that i’m a fucking idiot because that movie is totally awesome. finally, a horror movie with good jokes. and the best part about the film would probably have to be everything. but especially the cameos and spinoffs of other horror movie villains. i’d like to see a sequel if possible. or just watch it again.

one [hooker] does not simply fly into paris, france. and that’s that.

11-11-11 sparked an interest in me because of the tagline and it’s similarities to the movie the number 23. however, the movie lacked any real intensity and the main character can never die apparently.

the world is being invaded by nothing. welcome to earths darkest hours.

sorry for the lack of real content but these so called reviews are long overdue and i’m getting tired of procrastinating. although i’m writing less, what i’m writing still truly reflects how i feel about these movies. fuck y’all.

rammbock berlin undead: 4/10

friends with kids: 6/10

shivers: 3/10

dark hours: 2/10

5ive girls: 0.5/10

the collector: 5/10

an american haunting: 2/10

the hunger games: 7/10

the girl next door (2007): 3/10

the signal: 2.5/10

sleeping beauty: 3.5/10

the cabin in the woods: 8/10

x: 2.5/10

11-11-11: 2/10

the darkest hour: 1/10

01 May 12 at 4 am

i am the bat.